Key factors affecting distillation efficiency
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Key factors affecting distillation efficiency

Key factors affecting distillation efficiency:

  1. 1 System vacuum value:

The closed space of the rotary evaporator consists of a glass component such as an evaporation bottle, an evaporation tube, a sealing ring, a condensing tube, a vacuum buffer bottle, a vacuum pump, and a vacuum line. The most critical factors that affect system vacuum are vacuum pumps, seals, and vacuum tubes.

Vacuum pump and vacuum controller: The lower the vacuum pump limit, the lower the vacuum value of the system. In the distillation, a reasonable vacuum value is set by the vacuum controller to ensure the distillation efficiency while avoiding bumping. The ultimate vacuum of the diaphragm vacuum pump is as low as 2 mbar and the ultimate vacuum of the circulating water pump is approximately 50 mbar (0.095 kPa). If the budget allows a vacuum controller or vacuum valve, it is necessary to control the system vacuum required for distillation.

Sealing ring: As a key seal for the evaporation tube and the condensing tube, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the key. Often used as a seal ring, the material is PTFE and rubber. Obviously, PTFE has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Some manufacturers added stainless steel buffer shrapnel to the seal ring for better wear resistance.

Vacuum tube material: Generally, manufacturers do not have a vacuum tube as standard. When you buy it, the silicone tube is naturally the first choice, because its aging efficiency is slower than that of the rubber tube.

rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator

  1. 2 Heating pot temperature

The higher the temperature of the heating pot, the faster the distillation effect of the solvent. However, considering the heat sensitivity of the target component and the safety of the operation, the most common temperature is 60 ° C and then 80 ° C or more. Switching to silicone oil as a medium brings cleaning problems. It is generally recommended to lower the vacuum value to achieve faster distillation efficiency. At present, the best diaphragm vacuum pump on the market has an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar, and DMF can be distilled at room temperature.

  1. 3 Evaporation bottle speed

The faster the evaporation speed of the evaporation bottle, the larger the infiltration area of the inner surface of the bottle is. However, at the same time, the thicker the liquid film thickness, the greater the heat transfer temperature difference. There is optimum speed for materials of different viscosities and the rotational power is provided by the motor. There are uneven DC brushless motors, AC motors and stepping motors on the market. The feedback of DC brushless motors is the best 10 years maintenance-free maintenance.

  1. 4 Temperature of the cooling medium

In order to ensure optimum distillation efficiency, the cooling medium is generally recommended to maintain a temperature difference of 40 ° C with the temperature of the heating pot. In order to quickly condense hot steam to reduce the impact of steam on the system vacuum.

 rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator

  1. Security risk assessment

The safety risks of distillation are mainly derived from the solvent and heating medium of the distillation.

1) If the heating medium is silicone oil, the ignition point is at least 25 ° C above the maximum temperature of the heating pot.

2) Distillation solvent If it is flammable or explosive, the explosion-proof glass component can be used as the first choice. At the end of the distillation, it is best if the instrument is automatically deflated. So as not to artificially deflate too quickly to cause an explosion.

3) Optimize the laboratory environment, and choose the secondary condensing device to maximize the recovery of the distillation solvent.

 rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator

  1. After sales service

Since the system considers the degree of vacuum, the temperature of the heating pot, the temperature of the cooling medium, and the nature of the solvent, the key parameters determining the distillation efficiency are required when purchasing the rotary evaporator. At the same time, it is also necessary to assess the safety risks of the laboratory and strengthen factors such as solvent recovery. If you need technical assistance, please contact Lanphan.

Key factors affecting distillation efficiency

Key factors affecting distillation efficiency

Rotary evaporator selection techniques

  1. Domestic instruments or imported instruments: The quality of imported instruments is good, the price is high, and the process of replacing parts of instruments is relatively long. The domestically produced instruments are affordable, the parts are easy to replace, and the service is flexible and flexible.

2, vertical condenser or oblique condenser: there is no obvious difference in essence, vertical condenser due to small space, large-capacity evaporator generally uses vertical condenser.

3, host lifting or water bath lifting: international small machine (5L or less) lifting host, 5L or more lifting water bath, the selection process is convenient, safe and economical.

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