The electric thermostatic water
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Easy operation and cautions for electric heating thermostatic water bath pot

The electric thermostatic water bath has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature control precision, digital display, automatic temperature control, easy operation and safe use. It is widely welcomed by everyone. The electric heating constant temperature water bath adopts a stainless steel inner tank, and the top cover is novel and beautiful. Today, I will introduce you to the easy operation and cautions for electric heating thermostatic water bath pot.

The electric thermostatic water

The electric thermostatic water

First, the operation steps of the electric heating constant temperature water bath pot.

1. The electric heating constant temperature water bath should be placed on the fixed platform. First confirm whether the water release valve is closed, and then inject the clean water into the water bath tank (to shorten the heating time, you can also inject hot water).

2. After turning on the power, turn on the power switch and the indicator light is on. Set temperature: Press the SET button to set and view the temperature set point. Press the SET button and the digital tube character starts to flash, indicating that the meter enters the setting state. Press the △ button to increase the setting value. Press the ▽ button to decrease the setting value. Press and hold the △ button or the ▽ button to change the data quickly. Press again. The SET button returns to normal operation. The instrument starts to heat up, and when the heating indicator is off, the instrument enters a constant temperature state.

3. After the water bath is kept at a constant temperature, the container containing the items to be thermostated is placed in a water bath to start the constant temperature.

4. In order to ensure the effect of constant temperature, please cover the cover of the water bath pot and select the water bath pot of the appropriate size to be placed on the outer wall of the beaker. The constant temperature item in the constant temperature container should be lower than the constant temperature bath surface of the water bath.

5. After use, remove the thermostat. Turn off the power and remove water from the cabinet. And make a good record of the use of the instrument.

The electric thermostatic water

The electric thermostatic water

Second, the use of electric heating thermostatic water bath should pay attention to the following items.

1. Read the instructions carefully before use. Follow the steps in the manual. After closing the nozzle, add water to the water line and then turn on the power.

2. The electric heating constant temperature water bath should be placed on a horizontal table. The power supply uses a three-eye socket, which is effectively grounded at a glance.

3. Close the drain valve and add water to the inner pot. The amount of water added is about 2/3 of the volume of the inner pot. In order to shorten the heating time, it is also possible to add an appropriate amount of hot water at a desired temperature.

4. Set the digital display temperature and turn on the power switch to warm the water tank. Cover the water tank cover, wait until the water temperature rises to the desired temperature value, turn on the circulating power switch, and recirculate the water in the water tank to the indoor temperature.

5. The electric water temperature of the thermostatic water bath should not be too high to prevent the water from overflowing and causing experimental errors.

6. In order to extend the service life of the digital display electric heating constant temperature water bath, please be careful not to damp the control box to prevent leakage.

7. Do not heat flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive substances

8. Plugs and sockets with good contact should be used and the power must match.

9. When replacing the fuse, the power plug must be unplugged.

10. Repairs must not be carried out without authorization and must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

11. Do not arbitrarily lengthen or cut the power connection.

12. Do not add too much water, so as not to overflow the outside of the pot when boiling.

13. The externally supplied power supply must match the requirements of the constant temperature water tank.

14. After using the electric heating water bath, please keep the water (outlet) clean, wipe it with a dry cloth, and put it in a dry and ventilated place.

15. After use, turn off the power switch. If it is not used for a long time, drain all water and dry it.

The electric thermostatic water

The electric thermostatic water

Finally, I would like to recommend to you a GY series of constant temperature water baths, which are available in 5L, 20L, 50L and 100L. Today, I will use GY-50 as an example to introduce the constant temperature water bath produced by our company.

Henan Lanphan GY-50 high temperature’s inside groove volume is 50L, heating power is 5KW, voltage/frequency is 220V/50HZ. GY-50 high temperature circulating water bath is the latest instrument developed by our company, providing heat source for varieties of devices that need heating. The inbuilt anticorrosion circulating pump can provide circulating constant temperature heat source for glass reactor and other instruments. The liner of GY-50 circulating constant temperature oil bath is made from imported stainless steel, shell is made from excellent cold rolled steel sheet spraying plastics, and electric heated tube plays function of enhancing heating speed in conduction oil. It is protected by heat insulation cotton, and Lanphan has improved the instruments, we use smart PID constant temperature heating device, double-screen LED temperature-controller is widely praised for its accuracy temperature control and controllable output flow.

The above mentioned text is the introduction of easy operation and cautions for electric heating thermostatic water bath pot. If you want to know more about water bath pot, there is a article about the Maintenance Tips for Constant Temperature Water Bath. If you are interested, you can click to view. Henan lanphan is a qualified company which boasts good reputation both home and abroad. For several decades, we are dedicated to the manufacture of laboratory equipment and pipe fittings. If you want to know more about our products and intend to purchase our products, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are willing to provide you as much information as possible. Our email address is the [email protected]

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