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Operation method and precautions of digital electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven

The electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven is one of the commonly used drying oven products. The electric heating method is used for the blast circulation drying experiment. The circulating air blower blows out the hot air to ensure the temperature balance inside the box, which can be used to measure the moisture in the coal and dry the articles, drying heat treatment, etc. How should we operate the electric heating blast drying oven? Let me introduce the specific operation method and precautions of the electric heating blast drying oven. I hope this article can help you to better apply the product.

Electric constant temperature drying oven

Electric constant temperature drying oven

Many users will encounter such confusion before or after purchase. How to operate the blast drying oven? Before operating the blast drying oven, you should look at the instructions for our blast drying oven before operating.

First of all, let me explain the specific steps of the blast drying oven.

1. It is strictly forbidden to put flammable and volatile items in the drying oven to prevent explosion.

2. Connect the power supply and the green indicator light is on. Turn on the blower switch and operate the blower motor. Turn on the heating power, and the drying box can enter the working state.

3. When the drying oven is working, do not open the door frequently, which will affect the constant temperature field.

4. This equipment has no over-temperature protection device, so there should be someone to monitor the temperature inside the box when the drying oven is working. Once the temperature is out of control, it is necessary to cut off the power in time to check for malfunctions, so as to avoid accidents.

5. Put the items to be dried into a drying oven and close the door.

6. Turn the power switch to “1”. At this time, the power switch is on and the display has a digital display.

7. According to the temperature controller operating instructions, set the required working temperature and working time (working time can not be set).

8. The device will automatically run the required working conditions. After the end of the use, turn off the power switch and take out the items.

Second, the precautions of digital display electric heating thermostat blast drying oven.

1.The drying oven consumes a large amount of current, so the power cord, knife switch, fuse, plug, socket, etc. used must have sufficient capacity. For your safety, please connect the ground wire of the case.

2.Items placed in the oven should not be too much or too crowded. If the dried item is wet, open the venting window. When heated, the blower can be activated so that the water vapor is accelerated out of the tank. But don’t let the blower run continuously for a long time, let it rest properly.

3. No items can be placed on the heat sink on the lower part of the drying box to avoid rotting or causing burning.

4. When the glassware is sterilized by high temperature dry heat, it is necessary to wait for the temperature inside the box to decrease before opening the door to prevent the glass from bursting due to cold.

5. It is strictly forbidden to put flammable, explosive and volatile items into the oven to avoid accidents.

6. If you need to observe the items in the constant temperature room, you can open the outer door and observe it through the inner glass door. The number of opening the door should not be too much, so as not to affect the constant temperature.

7. When starting up for the first time or using for a period of time, it is necessary to review the error between the measured temperature and the actual temperature in the working chamber, that is, the temperature control accuracy.

8. The oven enclosure must be well grounded to ensure safety.

9. Do not over-extrude the contents of the box, and make room for hot air circulation.

10. When the temperature of the drying chamber is close to the set temperature, the heating indicator flashes and flickers repeatedly, which is a normal phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, the working room temperature enters a constant temperature state about 15 minutes after the measured temperature reaches the control temperature.

11. When the new set temperature is lower than 100 °C, the temperature “overshoot” can be eliminated by the secondary heating method.

12. When the drying box is working, the fan switch must be turned on to make it run. Otherwise, the temperature inside the box and the measuring temperature will be very different, and the motor or sensor will burn out.

13. The box should be kept clean frequently. When it is not used for a long time, the plastic dust cover should be set and placed in a dry environment.

Stainless steel inner liner of drying oven

Stainless steel inner liner of drying oven

Finally, I would like to talk to you about the advantages of our Lanphan drying oven.

1. The box body is made of mirror stainless steel argon arc welding. The outer part of the box is made of high quality steel plate, which is beautiful and novel.

2. Microcomputer P.I.D temperature controller with over temperature deviation protection and digital display. It has a timing function and the temperature is accurate and reliable.

3. The hot air circulation system consists of a fan that can continuously operate at high temperature and a suitable air duct to improve the temperature in the working chamber.

4. The drying oven adopts a new type of synthetic silicon sealing strip, which can run at high temperature for a long time. The drying oven has a long service life and is easy to replace.

5. The drying oven can adjust the amount of air and exhaust in the box from the temperature control panel.

6. The drying oven has an independent temperature limit alarm system, which automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit. This ensures that the experiment runs safely without accidents. (optional)

7. The drying oven can be equipped with a printer or RS485 interface for connecting to a printer or computer. It can record changes in temperature parameters. (optional)

8. The drying oven adopts a digital thermostat to regulate the temperature. It is sensitive, accurate and easy to operate.

drying oven

drying oven

The above mentioned text is the introduction of the operation method and precautions of the electric heating blast drying oven. If you want to know more about drying oven, please contact with us. Henan lanphan is a qualified company which boasts good reputation both home and abroad. For several decades, we are dedicated to the manufacture of laboratory equipment and pipe fittings. If you want to know more about our products and intend to purchase our products, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are willing to provide you as much information as possible. Our email address is the [email protected]

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