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Application Method Of Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven

The electric constant temperature blast drying oven is one of the commonly used drying equipments. It is used for electric circulation heating to perform blast circulation drying experiments. It is widely used in various industries. In addition to drying items, it can also provide the required temperature environment for some experiments . So how do we use it? Let me introduce you the application method of electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven.

drying oven

drying oven

1. Turn on the power and fan switch. At this point, the power indicator is on and the motor is running. After the temperature controller displays the “self-test” process, the PV screen should display the measured temperature in the working chamber. The SV screen should display the set temperature that needs to be dried during use, and the drying oven will enter the working state.

2. It is best to use a dedicated plug and socket and use a wire that is twice as thick as the power cord. Check electrical insulation before use and pay attention to open circuit, short circuit and leakage.

3. Put the thermometer on the box, turn on the power to adjust the temperature control and then turn the knob to the set temperature. When the AC contact switch is just disconnected, check whether the value of the thermometer matches the set value. If there is a discrepancy, you can fine tune it until the constant temperature meets the set temperature.

4. Open the top or bottom vent to remove moisture from the box.

5. The maximum average load of the shelving plate is 15Kg. Do not place it too heavy or too dense when placing it. Be sure to leave a gap to facilitate the circulation of the fan. The test piece cannot be placed on the bottom plate of the studio.

6. It is strictly forbidden to put flammable and volatile items in the drying oven to prevent explosion.

7. Turn on the power and the green indicator lights. Turn on the blower switch and operate the blower motor. Turn on the heating power, and the drying oven can enter the working state.

8. When the drying oven is working, the door should not be opened frequently, which will affect the constant temperature field inside the box.

9. Drying ovens manufactured by modern technology usually have over-temperature protection devices. If they are not, they need special care. If the temperature is out of control, it is necessary to cut off the power in time to avoid accidents.

10. Sample placement: Put the items to be dried into the drying box, and leave a certain space around the top and bottom to keep the airflow in the working room clear and close the door.

11. Damper adjustment: According to the damp condition of the dry items, turn the damper adjustment knob to the appropriate position, generally to the “z” position. If it is wet, adjust the adjustment knob to “three” (note: the adjustment range of the damper is about 60″ angle).

12. The maximum operating temperature is 300 ° C for drying or other heating. The drying oven operates at an ambient temperature of <40 ° C and an air relative humidity of <85%.

13. Set the desired temperature: Press the SET button. At this time, the Pv screen displays “5P”, and the temperature value displayed on the original “SV” screen is changed with ↑ or ↓, until the required value is reached. After the setting is completed, press the SET button, and the PV displays “5T” (enter the timing function). If you do not use the timing function, press the SET button again to make the PV screen display the measured temperature, and the SV screen displays the set temperature.

14. When the electric blast drying oven is working, there should be a special person to monitor the temperature inside the box. Because the equipment has no over-temperature protection device, once the temperature is out of control, it should be checked off in time to avoid accidents.

15. Temperature control check: when the machine is turned on or used for a period of time or when the season (environmental humidity) changes. The error between the measured temperature and the actual temperature in the working chamber must be reviewed, that is, the temperature control accuracy.

16. Shutdown: After drying, if you need to replace the dry items, turn off the fan switch before opening the door to prevent the dry matter from being blown off. After replacing the dry items (Note: when taking out the dry matter, be careful to burn the child), close the door, and then turn on the fan switch to make the drying box enter the drying process again. If you do not remove the item immediately, first turn the damper adjustment knob to “Z”, then turn off the power switch to keep the box dry. If the item is no longer dry, place the damper at “three” and turn off the power switch. After cooling to room temperature in the box, take out the dry items in the box and dry the inside of the box.

Stainless steel inner liner for drying oven

Stainless steel inner liner for drying oven

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