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Tips for buying a drying oven

The drying oven is a common drying equipment in the laboratory, and a drying oven is required in many experiments. Many people are lost in the face of various types of drying ovens on the market. So how do we pick the drying oven? How can we find the drying box that meets our needs? Please follow me below and go find the tips for choosing a drying oven.

First, let’s analyze the structure first.

drying oven

drying oven

The general drying oven casings are made of cold-rolled steel sheets, but the thickness is quite different. Due to the vacuum environment inside the vacuum drying box, in order to prevent the atmospheric pressure from crushing the box, the thickness of the outer casing is slightly thicker than that of the blast drying box. Generally, the thicker the steel plate, the better the quality and the longer the service life. For the convenience of observation, the door of the drying box is provided with glass windows, generally tempered glass and ordinary glass on the inlaid door. It is best to use tempered glass. Although the price is slightly expensive, the appearance is beautiful, and the safety of the operator can also be get more powerful protection.

There are two options for the inner tank of the drying oven: one is galvanized sheet and the other is mirror stainless steel.

Galvanized sheets are prone to rust during long-term use and are not suitable for maintenance. Mirror stainless steel has a neat appearance, easy maintenance and long service life. It is a high-grade liner material on the market, but the price is slightly higher than that of galvanized sheet. The sample rack of the liner is usually two layers and can be added according to customer requirements. Since the mass of the sample holder is made of stainless steel, the increased shelf is not conducive to the circulation of the internal hot air. It is usually necessary to increase the quality requirements for the fan, and the cost per additional shelf is between three hundred yuan.

Stainless steel inner liner for drying oven

Stainless steel inner liner for drying oven

Secondly, when it comes to temperature, I have to talk about insulation and sealing. At present, the insulation materials of domestic dry boxes are mainly made of fiber cotton, and a few are made of polyurethane. Let’s talk about the different characteristics of the two materials.

1. In terms of thermal insulation effect, the temperature resistance and thermal insulation effect of polyurethane are better than that of fiber cotton. Generally, polyurethane can keep the high temperature inside the box stable for several hours. It is worth mentioning that the efficient insulation of polyurethane can effectively prevent the operator from overheating the outside of the box. When the fiber cotton drying box is at high temperature, it can only be controlled and adjusted by the temperature controller to keep the temperature inside the box stable, which greatly increases the working strength of the fan and the controller, thereby reducing the service life of the drying box.

2. From the perspective of post-maintenance, since the polyurethane is completely injected into the box body, it is particularly cumbersome to repair in the later stage. Before the repair, all the polyurethanes need to be pulled out, and then repaired and then molded. Fiber cotton is not so troublesome and easy to operate.

3. Finally, from the market point of view, the price of fiber cotton is very cheap, and can meet most of the insulation requirements, and is widely used.

Professional advice: The finer the fiber cotton, the greater the thickness, the higher the insulation quality. The sealing of the drying box is generally made of anti-aging silicone rubber, and the sealing effect is very good.

Stainless steel case for drying oven

Stainless steel case for drying oven

When purchasing a dry box, you need to first determine the following points.

1. What type of drying box you need to buy.

2. What kind of experimental results should be achieved by using the drying oven.

3. Defining the temperature range used by the machine itself and the requirements of the machine itself and the materials.

4. Identify the size of the product you want.

Finally, I would like to introduce to you the basic principles of purchasing a drying oven.

1. Applicability.

The drying device must first be able to be applied to specific materials and meet the basic requirements for drying the material, including good handling of materials (feeding, conveying, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc.) and meeting the throughput, basic requirements for dewatering, product quality, etc.

2. The drying rate is high.

As far as the drying rate is concerned, the material is highly dispersed in hot air during convection drying, and the critical moisture content is low and the drying speed is fast. Moreover, the same convection drying, the drying method has different critical moisture contents, and the drying rate is also different.

3. Low energy consumption.

Different drying methods have different energy consumption indexes. Generally, the thermal efficiency of conductive drying can reach 100% theoretically, and convection drying can only be about 70%.

4. Save investment.

The drying device that performs the same function sometimes has a very different cost, and should be selected as the lower one.

5. Low operating costs.

Equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.

6. Prefer the drying device with simple structure, sufficient supply of spare parts, high reliability and long service life.

7. Meet environmental protection requirements, good working conditions and high safety.

8. It is best to make the drying experiment of the material before the selection, and to understand the drying device (excellent and shortcomings) that have been used in similar materials, which is often helpful for proper selection.

9. Not relying entirely on past experience, focusing on absorbing new technologies and listening to expert opinions.

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