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Precautions And Maintenance for Using Electric Blast Drying Ovens

The electric blast drying oven is used for drying, baking, melting wax and sterilization for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research units. For the safety and convenience of the users, I have summarized the common daily maintenance techniques of the equipment and equipment for your reference.

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric blast drying oven DHG type is a series of products. It is divided into small desktop and vertical cabinet according to its appearance. It is divided into different specifications according to the size, material and temperature control range of the studio. Below I will briefly explain the precautions and maintenance of the electric blast drying oven.

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

I. Precautions for Using Electric Blast Drying Ovens

1. The oven enclosure must be well grounded to ensure safety.

2. Do not put perishable, flammable and explosive materials in the drying oven.

3. Check the voltage before using the drying oven. The voltage required for the smaller oven is 220V. The voltage required for the larger oven is 380V (three-phase four-wire). Install a power knife with sufficient capacity according to the power consumption of the oven.

4. Select the appropriate power supply wire and do the grounding work.

5. Keep the drying chamber working room clean.

6. The dry items should not be arranged too densely. Do not place objects on the bottom of the drying box (heat sink) to avoid affecting the hot air circulation. It is forbidden to dry flammable, explosive materials and volatile and corrosive materials.

7. When using the drying oven, the temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature of the oven.

8. After the above work is ready, put the sample into the dry box. Then connect the power supply and turn on the oven switch. An oven with an air blower must open the blower during heating and constant temperature, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the temperature of the working chamber and may damage the heating element. Then adjust the temperature of the suitable test products, and the oven will enter the working state.

9. When the temperature of the drying chamber is close to the set temperature, the heating indicator will be bright and dim, repeated many times, which is normal. Under normal circumstances, after the measured temperature reaches the control temperature for about 30 minutes, the temperature in the working chamber enters a constant temperature state.

10. When the new set temperature is lower than 100 °C, the temperature “overshoot” can be eliminated by the secondary heating method. Assuming 50 ° C, the first time set 40 ° C, the temperature overshoot began to fall back, and then set to 50 ° C.

11. When the drying box is working, the fan switch must be turned on to make it run. Otherwise, the temperature inside the box and the measured temperature will be very large, and the motor or sensor will burn out due to the operation.

12. After drying, turn off the power before opening the studio door. Remember not to touch the items directly with your hands. Use special tools or items with insulated gloves to avoid burns.

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

II. Daily Maintenance for Using Electric Blast Drying Ovens

1. Before using, you must pay attention to whether the voltage used is consistent. When using, the power supply must be grounded as required.

2. When using the power supply, do not wipe the left electrical control part with a damp cloth and rinse with water. The power should be cut off during maintenance.

3. When using, the contents of the box should not be crowded, and a certain space should be reserved to make the air convect naturally and accelerate the escape of humid air.

4. When the drying oven is working, the indicator light is not bright. Check whether it is a bulb problem or a heating system failure. You can use a multimeter to measure the lamp line, the nickel-chromium wire of the power-off device, whether the switch control circuit is open, and check whether the relay is damaged.

5. Temperature control failure during operation can check whether the temperature probe is damaged or not, and whether the relay has an open circuit.

6. Periodically check that the silver contacts of the thermostat are hairy or uneven. If there is any unevenness, use a fine gauze to level the contacts and then use them. It should always be cleaned with a cleaning cloth to make it in good contact (be careful to cut off the power). Do not strike the metal piping of the indoor temperature regulator to avoid affecting the sensitivity.

7. The power cord should not be wrapped around metal objects. It should not be placed in a place with high temperature or humidity to prevent the rubber from aging and causing leakage.

8. Do not put flammable materials in the drying oven without explosion-proof device.

9. Do not disassemble electrical components and parts of the equipment. In order to avoid damage to the electrical control circuit, causing human error of the device and affecting its performance.

10. After each use, the power must be cut off. Always keep the inside and outside of the oven clean, and hang the corresponding mark after cleaning.

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

III. Long-term shelving considerations for Using Electric Blast Drying Ovens

1. Please pay attention to cut off the power before leaving, to avoid accidents.

2. The power cord should not be wrapped around metal objects. Avoid moisture or corrosive materials around the equipment to prevent aging of the outer casing and rubber.

3. Do not use the drying oven as a storage room to avoid corrosion inside the drying oven and avoid long-term load on the rack.

4. If there is a matching vacuum pump, the medium in the pump should be drained to avoid corrosion or excessive pressure.

5. When storing or using the equipment, there are no flammable, explosive and corrosive substances around.

6. A certain space should be left around the equipment to facilitate heat dissipation, operation and maintenance.

7. Prevent sharp and sharp objects from scratching the device.

8. The drying oven must be responsible for the person in charge. After use, the power should be cut off to avoid accidents.

9. The drying oven should be placed indoors for installation at a stable level. The drying oven should be kept dry and protected from moisture, moisture and corrosion.

10. There must be a certain distance between the place where the drying oven is placed, and it is recommended to have more than 2m from the wall.

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

Electric Blast Drying Ovens

The above mentioned text is the precautions and maintenance of the electric blast drying oven. If you want to know more about electric blast drying oven, please contact with us. Henan lanphan is a qualified company which boasts good reputation both home and abroad. For several decades, we are dedicated to the manufacture of laboratory equipment and pipe fittings. If you want to know more about our products and intend to purchase our products, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are willing to provide you as much information as possible.

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