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Structure and working principle of DZF6020 vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying ovens are widely used in research fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection, etc., for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. Designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizable materials, the vacuum oven can flush inert gases into the interior, especially for complex parts. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the structure and working principle of the DZF6020 vacuum drying oven.

DZF6020 vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat sensitivity, easily decomposed and easily oxidizing material, especially for drying some complicated ingredient materials. Working room is made from stainless steel, its square shape has a wider using space than circular shape. DZF6020 vacuum drying oven’s power is 700W, inner container dimension is 300*280*300mm, it uses double-layer glass door, which has the advantage of increasing thermal insulation properties, reduce fog in observation window and clearly to observe drying material.

vacuum drying oven structure

vacuum drying oven structure

  1. DZF6020 vacuum drying oven vacuum drying oven structure

DZF6020 vacuum drying box consists of four parts: box, inner tank, vacuum system and temperature control system.

  1. The drying ovenbody is made of high quality thin plate, the surface is sprayed and processed, and the color is bright.
  2. The inner liner is made of general galvanized steel or stainless steel. The shape of the inner cavity is a square with a half arc inner corner. The inner and outer boxes are filled with ultra-fine glass wool as insulation material. The double-glazed structure in the middle of the box door makes it easy to observe the items that are dried in the box. A thick tempered glass is placed inside the door and a long cylindrical door buckle is used. In this way, by adjusting the spacing between the door buckle and the tempered glass, the rubber sealing ring can be pressed after the door is closed to ensure that the vacuum is not leaked. (Note: the rubber seal is not resistant to oil.)
  3. The vacuum system consists of a vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, a vacuum valve, a bleed valve, and the like. According to the needs of users, it can be added with dry filter tanks or intake valves.
  4. The temperature control system consists of a sensor, a temperature controller, and a heater. When the temperature controller receives the sensor output resistance signal, the actual temperature is measured in the PV screen display working chamber. When the input signal is less than the set value, the power tube is turned on, so that the heater obtains sufficient electric power to generate heat. Conversely, the power tube has no electrical power output heater that is not heated. The temperature controller has PID regulation output characteristics, adjustable electric power output size, error correction of measurement temperature, timing control and other functions, and safety deviation alarm function of over-temperature and automatic cut-off.

DZF6020 vacuum drying oven has following characteristics:

1.DZF6020 vacuum drying oven’s working room use high-quality steel plate or hygiene-grade stainless steel plate, strong anti-corrosion ability;

2.Double-layer bulletproof and temperature resistance tempered glass window makes you clear at a glance of your work;

3.Heat source use built-in S type anti-explosion resistance tube, safe and reliable, reduce 50% of the heating time, and the honeycomb type heat conduction window balance the heating of working space;

4.Microcomputer temperature control is accuracy and fast;

5.Touch key adjusted double-screen digital display panel makes it intuitional to set or read;

6.The close tightness degree of oven door is adjustable, compound silicon seal ring guarantee the high vacuum degree of the oven.

Vacuum drying oven features

Vacuum drying oven features

II. Working principle of DZF6020 vacuum drying oven:

The built-in microcomputer processor of DZF6020 vacuum drying box uses the electric signal generated by the feedback value to control the heating element. After PID self-tuning (can be adjusted manually), the corrected parameters will be automatically locked, and the correct signal will be processed to keep the temperature constant. Within the set range, the temperature error after the temperature is stable is less than ±1 °C in normal pressure and vacuum. Front panel’s “vacuum meter” displays the vacuum degree of working room. Special purpose bleeder valve can pump air and do vacuum drying. Other switches and control device are also set in the front panel, which has the advantages of easy to operate, light weight, save electricity and high thermal efficiency, especially suitable for the drying process of a few sample.

DZF6020 vacuum drying oven shell is stamped and welded by steel plate, and the surface of the shell is treated with high-strength electrostatic spray coating. The paint film is smooth and firm. The studio is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and the insulation between the studio and the outer casing is filled with insulation cotton. A sample shelf is placed inside the studio for placing various test items, and a mica heater is placed around the outside of the work wall. The door seal is sealed with a silicone rubber strip, and a sight glass for observation is provided on the door. The evacuation and inflation of the vacuum drying box are controlled by a solenoid valve. The electrical oven is on the left or lower part of the oven. The front panel of the electrical box is equipped with a vacuum gauge, a temperature control instrument and a control switch. The electrical box is equipped with electrical components.

The DZF6020 vacuum drying oven maintains a certain degree of vacuum in the working chamber and uses an intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature setting, display and control. The temperature regulator uses computer technology to collect and process the temperature signal in the working chamber, so that the temperature in the working chamber can be automatically kept at a constant temperature. The temperature control system is P.I.D intelligent temperature control, reliable performance and convenient to use.

The intelligent temperature regulator of DZF6020 vacuum drying oven has over temperature protection. During the operation of the equipment, if the temperature in the working chamber exceeds the set temperature value, the over-temperature protection circuit will cut off the heating circuit.

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