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Easy Operation and Precautions of Vacuum Drying Ovens

Lanphan vacuum drying oven is widely used in food hygiene, instrument electronics, industrial and mining enterprises, chemical pharmaceuticals, universities, research institutes and other industries. The built-in microcomputer processor uses the electrical signal generated by the feedback value to control the heating element. After PID self-tuning (can be manually adjusted), the corrected parameters will be automatically locked, and the correct signal will be processed to keep the temperature constant within the set range. After the temperature is stabilized, the temperature error is less than ±1 °C under normal pressure and vacuum.There is a special exhaust valve in front of the machine, which can extract the vacuum indoor air for vacuum drying. The other switches and control devices are evenly arranged on the front panel, which is easy and convenient to operate.

The whole machine has small volume, light weight, power saving and high thermal efficiency, and is especially suitable for drying of a small amount of samples.In this article, I would like to introduce you to the easy operation and precautions of vacuum drying ovens.

Vacuum drying oven

Vacuum drying oven

First, the preparation work before power on.

1. Place the drying oven indoors in a dry and level place without using other fixtures.

2. One iron shell knife switch should be installed in the power supply line for the special purpose of the drying box. Use a wire that is twice as thick as the power line as a grounding wire and effectively ground.

3. Before powering on, check if the voltage of the box matches. Calculate the current according to the total power rate, and connect the power cord of the corresponding specification.

4. When everything is ready, put the sample and close the door. At this point, you can connect the power supply and start the drying oven.

5. Do not arbitrarily remove the side door, mess or change the line. The side door can be removed only when the box fails, and checked one by one according to the line. If there is a major fault, you can contact the factory and the service point.

Second, the steps after power-on.

1. After connecting the power supply, turn on the power heating switch. When the required temperature is higher than 150℃, it can be opened to high temperature. Otherwise, you don’t need to open the high temperature, just the power supply, and then turn the temperature controller knob clockwise from the “O” position to the desired temperature point. At this time, the temperature inside the box starts to rise and the instrument green light is on for indication. At the same time, the blower switch can be turned on to start the blower.

2. When the temperature rises to the required working temperature, the green light turns off and the red light is on. When the indicator light is alternately turned off, it is the constant temperature fixed point. (At the constant temperature point, the temperature is likely to continue to rise, which is the effect of residual heat, which will stabilize after about half an hour). When the room temperature is stable, the red numbers of type 101A and 202A indicate that when the value exceeds or falls below the required temperature, the knob can be slightly adjusted to achieve the correct level.

3. After the temperature is constant, it can be used for a certain period of time according to the test. In this process, the temperature control can be automatically controlled by the in-tank thermostat without manual management.

4. In order to observe the studio sample, you can open the door and observe it through a glass door or observation door. However, the door is not normally opened, so as not to affect the constant temperature, and when the temperature rises to 300℃, opening the door may cause the glass door to cool and rupture.

5. When the user uses the box, please read the meter manual at the same time.

Drying oven indicator lamp

Drying oven indicator lamp

Third, precautions of the vacuum drying oven.

1. This box is a non-explosive drying oven. Do not put flammable volatiles into the drying oven to avoid explosion.

2. When using this drying oven, the power supply voltage must match the rated working voltage of the phase box. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the electronic instrument inside the drying oven.

3. The average negative of the test shelf is 15 kg per square meter. Do not over-tighten or overload the test sample. At the same time, the test piece or other things cannot be placed on the heat dissipation plate to affect the hot air convection.

4. Before installation, the installation position of each heating wire of the heater must be checked to prevent the heating wire from overlapping or colliding.

5. The ambient temperature of the box should not be higher than 45 °C.

6. Do not disassemble the machine at will, so as not to damage the electrical circuit inside the box.

Finally, I would like to introduce to you the DZF6090 vacuum drying oven produced by our company.

Product Features of DZF6090 vacuum drying oven:

1.DZF6090 vacuum drying oven(2000W)’s working room use high-quality steel plate or hygiene-grade stainless steel plate, strong anti-corrosion ability;

2.Double-layer bulletproof and temperature resistance tempered glass window makes you clear at a glance of your work;

3.Heat source use built-in S type anti-explosion resistance tube, safe and reliable, reduce 50% of the heating time, and the honeycomb type heat conduction window balance the heating of working space;

4.Microcomputer temperature control is accuracy and fast;

5.Touch key adjusted double-screen digital display panel makes it intuitional to set or read;

6.The close tightness degree of oven door is adjustable, compound silicon seal ring guarantee the high vacuum degree of the oven.

Advantages vacuum drying oven

Advantages vacuum drying oven

Advantages of DZF6090 vacuum drying oven:

The new generation vacuum drying oven of our company gathering many years of successful experience on oven heating, it breaks out the traditional technology and finds out a perfect heat conduction way.

1.Temperature control use digital indicator which is easy to handle;

2.Continuously P.I.D. of temperature control is accuracy;

3.Pointer type vacuum meter is easy to read;

4.Cleanliness stainless steel working room;

5.Shell is made from high-quality cold rolled sheet steel and surface spraying plastics, durable in use;

6.Sealing strip of door use heat-resistance silicone rubber, which is environmental-friendly;

7.Has the function of over temperature alarm.

The above mentioned text is the introduction of easy operation and precautions of vacuum drying ovens. If you want to know more about vacuum drying oven, please contact with us. Henan lanphan is a qualified company which boasts good reputation both home and abroad. For several decades, we are dedicated to the manufacture of laboratory equipment and pipe fittings. If you want to know more about our products and intend to purchase our products, please contact with us as soon as possible. We are willing to provide you as much information as possible. Our email address is the [email protected]

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